Personal training and Personal Fitness sessions are about so much more than just taking your through a set of exercises. During our time together we will work on establishing concrete, realistic goals and formulating a plan that will help you achieve them.  Fitness can be an overwhelming journey to navigate on your own.  It's my goal to help you move through those waters, but to also teach you how to make fitness something you'll be able to use for a lifetime. 

​Sessions with me are a bit different. I don't believe in keeping you lock into unnecessary sessions for years and years. My goal is to help you set and formulate a plan, then we get you moving.  Fitness shouldn't be complicated. Fitness is an opportunity to grow, to deepen your commitment to your life, and to be the very best version of yourself.

I'm currently offering in person sessions here in the Columbia area at Forest Drive Crossfit, and we can arrange in home training depending on your needs.  Your initial consultation with me will be free, and we'll take a look at how we can best work together towards your goals.

Sessions are 60min, and plan for around 75min for our first session.  These are not-- come in and let's rush through a workout type sessions. This is our time to really dig into the soil, and get you moving toward your goals.  This longer session time allows for you to ask questions, for us to to mindset training, and for us to evaluate and adjust our plan/goals as we move forward. This also allows for us to do focused mobility/stretching as part of every session. 

Session Cost:

30min Phone Consultation: Free

1 Session: 60.00/hour

4 Sessions: 190.00

8 Sessions: 360.00

12 Sessions: 480.00

​-What you'll get from working with me:
-A personalized fitness plan
-Homework to help move you closer to your goals 

-Check ins between sessions to be sure you're staying on track
-Mindset and Meditation work to help you get the most from your sessions. 
-Focused Mobility and recovery work

I also offer (Contact me for rates):

One on One yoga programming

Functional Yoga for Sports (Individual and Team)

Small Group Bootcamp Sessions (5 participants minimum): Personal or Business

You can use the form below, or email me at: 

You can also text or call at: 757-839-3531

Personal Fitness Services

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