One of the toughest parts of engaging a fitness journey is finding the motivation to start, and then the drive to continue.  As a fitness professional, I make it a goal to find ways to help my clients move into a deeper relationship with their body. There is so much in the world that can keep us from taking those necessary next steps. Fitness Motivation sessions allow us to sit together and formulate a plan to remove blockages to your success. 

I LOVE fitness. I truly do. It's my deep desire to share that passion with you, to help you to ignite that same flame within you. Fitness is more than just working out.  Fitness is you learning to build a new relationship with your many parts: you body, your emotions, and the ebb/flow of life around you. 

During our time together we'll focus on building a plan of action that focuses on deep intention setting, making healthy choices, and create a plan that moves you toward those goals. The work we'll do together supports and complements your current fitness journey, and if you're just starting out, we'll create a plan to get you moving. I'll offer you exercises and simple routines that you'll be able to start right away in the comfort of your own home.  The goal is to help you connect with a community in your local area, and to help you integrate into that community. 

​I will be starting and offering access to small group training here in the Columbia SC area soon!  If you are in the area, drop me a line and I'll keep you in the loop! 

We'll start with a free 30 min phone consultation, and I'll go over the process, and the work that we'll do together. 

Session Cost:

30min Phone Consultation: Free

1 Session: 60.00/hour

4 Sessions: 190.00

8 Sessions: 360.00

12 Sessions: 480.00

You can use the form below, or email me at: 

You can also text or call at: 757-839-3531

Personalized Fitness Coaching

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