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Session Cost:
30min Phone Consultation: Free
1 Session: 60.00/hour
4 Sessions: 190.00
8 Sessions: 360.00
12 Sessions: 480.00

Sessions are held locally here in Columbia SC @ CottonTown Crossfit 

They can also be held locally outdoors, and in private residences. 

Wild Heart Fitness:

Wild Heart Fitness is a conscious approach to establishing a deeper connection to your body.  When we move better, we live better.  Fitness has a the profound ability to help us not only navigate a better relationship with our bodies, but it also helps create a stronger mind-body connection.  Our emotions impact how we move through our physical bodies. Through movement and meditation work, we will establish healthy patters so you can be the very best version of yourself.  I believe that fitness is more than just aesthetics, and its more than just living a healthy life.  Fitness is about being whole, full and complete in yourself, in all aspects of your life.  When we work together, our work goes well beyond the workouts towards a complete and full lifestyle shift. 

Yoga + Personal Fitness Programming:

Yoga is a powerful tool for helping your build a deeper relationship with your body and all of it's parts.  I also use a variety of fitness modalities, including Crossfit style workouts to help you integrate your physical and emotional bodies. You'll have homework, and the more your commit to your training, the more you'll get from it.  Sessions can be done remotely or in-person. 

What is yoga?

There are about as many definitions of yoga as there are systems and style of yoga these days.  For me, yoga is integration. Yoga allows us to show up, to be courageous, and to take responsibility for our lives through the body. Yoga reminds us to breathe. To move. To explore our edges. It teaches us to balance, even when things feel like they are toppling down around us.  Yoga is about taking responsibility for your life, and this extends well beyond the edges of our mat. Yoga is sacred. Yoga is a moving meditation. Yoga should also be fun, we often forget that we can have fun while doing deeper work on ourselves. When you take a class or private session with me, we invite your life to join you on the mat. I ask you to not only experience the beauty of what this practice can offer you, but to also experience the beauty of your emotions, your edges, your sacred breath, and the movement of your body.  

​What style of yoga do you teach?

I teach Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Without getting too technical, each of these styles of yoga share similarities, but each also share some beautiful differences. In Hatha yoga there is a greater emphasis on slowing down, arriving in each asana (yoga posture) fully, breathing deeply, and exploring the technical aspects of the asana for deeper understanding and body alignment. In Vinyasa yoga there is a greater emphasis on connecting breath to movement, movement to intention, and the sequences between the asana are as important as the asana themselves. I tend to blend elements of both of these practices in my classes and private sessions. We also focus on yogic philosophy, meditation, and pranayama (yogic breathing).  Yoga is integration, alignment, cleansing and a process of showing up. We'll touch on many of these concepts in our work together.

What happens during a private yoga session?

​Before we begin, we'll schedule a chat so that I can see what your needs are. This will allow me to design a unique and personal yoga experience just for you. We'll move at your pace, and I'll offer plenty of modifications so that you can access each posture fully. We begin and close each session with a brief meditation and focused breath work. Sessions can be dynamic and energized or relaxed and restorative. I'm here to help you reach your highest potential. Sessions can last between 60-90min depending on your needs and time constraints. The exploration of yoga is a beautiful and sacred thing, but it should also be fun. I ask that that you show up ready, receptive and committed to our time together. 

I can also design a yoga based workshop or class for you and a small group of friends, or a workplace setting. Just send me an email, or call me for more information. 

For more information on yoga, or to schedule a private session please contact me at:  or call me at: 757-839-3531