Welcome Beloved

I offer you connection, trust, love and a place to rest.  Many of us live hectic life experiences.  When we are able to connect more fully to our soul, we are opening ourselves up to a deeper connection to life.  My job as a spiritual teacher and guide is to help you establish Soul Contact.  It is an honor to be in this experience with you.  It is my hope that we can create a compassionate soul directed community through a deeper understanding of our divine purpose.  As we grow as individuals, we grow the world around us.  

"Beloved, may you walk in the light of the divine.  May your heart shine and sing the arms of compassion and love. You are the Light"


I offer several energetic and meditative healing modalities to help bring healing and alignment to all areas of your life.  

You are Loved.  You are Beautiful. You are Divine. 

Soul Empowerment

Soul Empowerment Sessions offer you an opportunity to find presence and acceptance in your life experience. 


Stillness and silence are necessary parts of the soul journey.  I offer guided and silent meditation experiences for soul contact. 


Empowerment is also community.  Truly learning to see each other through the Soul's Eyes. 



Soul Empowerment

​Consciousness Development