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Fitness Motivator - Life Integration Coach


Through meditation, movement, and focused personalized healing work, you'll be able to experience deeper levels of integration


Meditation is a powerful tool for centering, grounding and expanding your life. 


Healing is aligning with love. Let's find the best path forward to helping you align with this powerful force.


When we move better, we live better.  Together we will help you

Wild Heart Living, ​

Soul Empowered Growth


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you along on your journey. The path through life can often be a mix of ebb and flow, challenge and grace.  My goal is to help you find balance.  To help you move towards integration, and to help you bring awareness to the parts of your life that need healing. When we move better, we live better. Learning to move goes far beyond the physical body. When we move into a deeper connection to our bodies, we