Michael Brazell CFT CSN MAT PAT
You are Loved.  You are Beautiful.  You are Divine.

Intuition - Healing - Soul Empowerment

First and foremost I want you to know how deeply loved that you are.  It is my goal as an intuitive and healer to help you find and connect to your inner truth.  Mine is the work of the soul.  My work is focused on spiritual development and soul expansion.  When you are able to stand present in your presence you will learn that you are able to engage a more vibrant and dynamic soul journey.  

Here is a list of some of the services I offer 

Intuitive Consultation Sessions
Dynamic Small Group Soul Sessions
Soul Empowerment Yoga ® 
One on One and Group Meditation
Space Clearing/ Negative Energy Clearing
Chakra Balancing
Soul Satsangs
Soul Healing

Thank you for allowing me to become part of your path, feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up an appointment.


Michael A. Brazell  CFT CSN MAT PAT
Upcoming Events, Appearances, News:

News and Announcements
Monthly Specials!
Head over to the services page and book your session today!

Weekend Special 

-I'm going to be offering Reiki classes here in the Columbia SC are soon!  We can always set up a one on one session if you feel drawn to connect to this wonderful healing technique. 

Feel free to drop me a line if you would like to set something up, and also feel free to share this with those you feel might also be interested!  

Also on the horizon: workshops, online events, advanced healing workshops, and much more!  


South Carolina Meetup Group Launched!

Zen Fusion Yoga and Wellness:  Yoga, Energy Healing, Community, and exploring the soul experience!  Still in the process of getting things up and running, new dates will be added soon!

New radio show is up!!  Tune in weekly for free mini readings, guided meditations, lessons and discussions! 

Blogs are up and Running! 

Soul Interaction Blog:  Featuring all things spiritual.  Here you will find articles in spirituality, guest posts from others in the spiritual community, channeled messages from my guides, predictions, community updates, book reviews, and video posts.  Subscribe today!

Yoga Classes:
Coming soon in the SC area!

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