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"Michael has validated my path of integration and awakening. When I first found Michael through a desperate search for cleansing negative energy, it was as if my soul found a friend to help lighten my load. I downloaded many Blog Talk sessions and felt like I needed to have a personal reading. During my first session with him, I felt energy swirl through me. It made me giggle with joy as I tried to capture all the insight he was sharing with me. He knows how to prod at honesty in a way that helps me move forward in a gentle but straightforward way. Each session gets me deeper and closer to my true purpose as I rumble with self worth, love, and abundance. And then your hour is gone in what seems like minutes and you are left with a sense of peace and tranquility felt for days afterwards. Thank you, Michael for guiding me, authenticating my experience, and helping me discover steps toward my true purpose." -Brittany C.

"I have experienced the life-changing wonders of Reiki with Mike and was always interested Soma Pi, but didn’t have a need. But last year I experienced what I at first thought was bursitis in my shoulder. Soon I was in pain almost constantly and my mobility was severely compromised (no back zip clothing for me anymore). I changed my sleeping habits, stretched, had massages, took turmeric, went to the chiropractor, and Reiki’d the heck out of it and yet was still in pain and had about 40% mobility. My next step was to go see an orthopedist and that opened the possibility to surgery. After six plus months of frustration, I talked to Mike and he suggested a Soma Pi session and I booked a session. He suggested a few yoga stretches to start. Then we got into the Soma Pi. Now I’ve been using Reiki for four years (and “cured” my bad knee) and it’s amazing, but Soma Pi is stunning. Four weeks after our session and one supplemental session after I fell down some stairs, I have no pain and almost 100% mobility in my shoulder. Mike makes you feel at ease and radiates love. His energy is amazing and a bit addicting. Even in his readings he will put you at ease and you can talk to him honestly and openly. Some readers will paint everything with rose-colored glasses, but Mike will be honest with you and talk things through with you" -Sunita S.

"Michael Brazell is amazing and when you talk to him all you feel is love and kindness.. I feel the best way to describe my situation is this, I came to him broken and beat down and he lifted me up and helped me get back on my path. He teaches you how to connect with your soul. His biggest thing is to Journal and I wasn't a big fan of it but now I love it and look forward to doing it.. Every session with him I learn a little more about me!! All I can say is thank you" -Amy G.

"Inspired me to think I'm more, than I have ever thought before." -Leonid B