The Work of Life, Death and Beauty

You are loved. 

I want to first start by telling you how loved you are, and to thank you for allowing me this opportunity to work with you.  Just know that all the work that we will do together will be grounded in love, encircled in grace, and held in confidence.  

There is no right or wrong way to show up to this work. When we start to place our hands in the soil of your life, we'll find our way through.  

My role is to hold space for you, offer intuitive insight, and to provide healing support. 

The Work of Life:

This is the work we do to help you feel more connected to this world, to your body, and to your purpose. Through this work, we will look at the soil of your life, put our hands in, and do the work of growing and tending your garden.  

  • Life and spiritual guidance 
  • Processing and exploring changes
  • Clearing out our physical and energy bodies
  • Yoga and meditation for abundance
  • Movement programming and coaching

The Work of Death:

Death feeds life. Death helps us to navigate our meaning and purpose. It's and invitation to depth. When we place our hands in the soil, we are tilling the dead things that feed our garden. Death is a big topic, and can sometimes evoke fear. Through dialog, meditation and holding space we find a way to accept the invitation that death offers us. 

  • End of life planning
  • Vigil Holding
  • Rituals of release and loss
  • Accepting our own death and an invitation to live
  • Grief processing
  • Understanding loss
  • Companion animal loss and grief work

The Work of Beauty

We've planted seeds, we've put our hands in the soil, tilled the fields.. now we need to sit back and enjoy the beauty of whats growing in our garden. Our world is full of distractions. Things that take our attention away from the present moment. During this work, we'll create a strategy to help you align with the beauty in your life. We'll hone in on your unique gifts/talents, and we'll lean into them. 

  • Meditation to find presence and grace in the moment
  • Letting go of distractions 
  • Reconnecting to your body and environment through movement 
  • Guided movement and meditation work

The work you and I will do together will be unique to your journey, we may focus on one of the above areas, or all three.  

This is deep work. Bring a journal, some water, and be ready to breath a little deeper. 

Tools that I use during our time together:

  • Perceptive Awareness Technique
  • Soma Pi Healing Technique
  • Advanced Usui Reiki
  • Embodied Yoga and Movement 

If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out. Let's schedule some time together, and let's take those next steps. 

Sessions with Mike
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