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​​​I first want to welcome you to this journey. ​​ Approaching conversations around death and dying can be challenging. It is my hope that during our time together we can soften the edges you might be holding around these topics. Also, this doesn't need to be something heavy. Sometime when we approach talking about death and dying, we feel the need to keep somber tones, and we don't. You get to feel whatever you need to feel, and we can hold space for both laughter and tears (sometimes a mix of the two). 


Everyone's approach to death is unique and personal. It's my goal to help you find your way through in whatever way best suits your current needs. 


As a Death Doula, I help provide support and guidance to the dying and their family as they navigate death.  For the dying I can provide support, companionship and comfort.  For the caregivers and family I can assist with navigating the dying process, and assist in whatever way is needed beyond death.  


Pssst.... We're all going to die (sorry for the spoiler).  We all need to address our death on some level. This might be Advanced Directive Planning, Legacy Work, Ritual/Funeral Planning, or just examining death. 


I also provide guidance and support with any care that is needed around mourning, and handling the care of pets and companions at the end of their lives. 


​Many of the sessions I offer will overlap, or we may decided that you need something unique to your situation.  I offer a sliding scale rate for many of my services to help make this work accessible to as many as possible. Contact me today for your free 30min Consultation. 




Advanced Care Planning

Advanced directives are legal documents that designate who will make choices for you when you are unable and they provide guidance for your healthcare providers. ​Communicating your wishes and values while you can, before a crisis will protect you and your loved ones from unnecessary suffering.  I recommend that all adults prepare these documents and revisit them with any major life or health event. This is an amazing gift that you can give you loved ones at the end of your life.  


A Good Death Planning

I work with individuals approaching death and their team to plan, and support what a "Good Death" means.  This support helps to alleviate stress around the dying process, freeing up time so that you can spend these precious moments in presence and awareness. 

  • Meditation and Grounding Work for you and caretakers
  • Reiki 
  • Life Review/Legacy/Ritual
  • Disposition and Funeral Planning (including home buiral)
    • ​​We will navigate your desires and wishes, and I will assist in any research to be sure we are able to carry those out to the best of our ability.
  • ​Grief aftercare for loved ones, care circle, and caregivers


Bedside Vigil and Caregiver Respite

​I will assist in providing support and care at the final moments.  I will assist in helping you create a plan, and will work with you in whatever way is most needed at this sacred time. 


Companion Animal Loss

​Our companions walk with us through life, and at the end we get the sacred opportunity to walk with them towards death. I will provide support and comfort your companion animal and caretakers:​

  • Reiki
  • Grief support 
  • ​Support through euthanasia 
  • Burial, rituals of loss, legacy planning


Intuitive Grief Support

Through intuitive dialogue, meditation, and healing I will create space for you to feel what needs to be felt in this moment. There is no right or wrong way to approach grief.