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To schedule a session, fill out the form below, or contact me directly at:

757-839-3531 or via email at: 

​When contacting me for a session, please give me a couple different days/times that will work best for you. This makes scheduling sessions a lot easier. Once we book a day/time for our session together, I will email you an invoice for the session. The session is not considered booked until payment has been received and processed. If we are meeting via phone/skype, you will be responsible for calling me at our designated time. 

​*Do not submit payment until we have scheduled and booked our session. 

  • All sessions must be paid for prior to session start unless other arrangements have been made. Sessions are not considered booked unless payment has been received. Clients are given my number to call, or Skype address prior to our session. Clients are responsible for calling at their scheduled time. 
  • Sessions are not considered booked unless payment has been received unless a payment arrangement has been set up ahead of time. 
  • No refunds are offered on any consultations, spiritual services or products.
  • A 10% processing fee will be deducted from any refunds issued through PayPal. 
  • Life happens. Sometimes sessions need to be rescheduled. I'm always willing to work with you within reason and with advanced notice. 
  • Occasionally I might need to reschedule an session due to last minute schedule conflicts. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. 
  • Come prepared for your session. It is your responsibility to call at our appointed time. No refunds are issued for missed appointments. 
  • You are allowed and encouraged to record your sessions. Michael offers recordings of QHHT sessions and in person Soul Integration work. If you'd like an immediate copy of your in person session or QHHT session it is advisable to bring a flash drive with you to your appointment. Otherwise you will receive your recording within 24-72 hours via email. You are responsible for downloading your session when it arrives. 

Private Consultations

Alignment - Cleansing - Grounding - Centering - Integration

Understanding where you are on your soul journey will help you to deepen your commitment to your Great Work. Each session is intuitive, inspired, reflective, private, and unique. I use my intuition and deep listening to identify where you currently are on your path. This allows me to offer you guidance that is specific to you. You are a limitless being. My passion is helping you realize how powerful and loved you truly are.

"As a teacher, my goal is to remind you of who you truly are, and to point you in the direction of love."

We begin each session with a moment of silence, and a brief meditation. This allows us to show up, connect and be present with one another. 

I then begin our session by asking you a few questions. These questions help set the tone and direction of our time together. Sessions with me are a collaborative experience.  Collaboration allows us to dig deeper into the issues presenting themselves. It helps us to ground in clarity, and allows us to make best use of our time. 

During our time together we will also focus on three main areas: the physical body, the emotional self, and your spiritual path. The work we will do together will help you move towards a deeper integration of all your parts and pieces. My goal as a teacher and practitioner is to help empower you and guide you towards living a fully integrated life experience. 

I prefer to work with those individuals that are ready to take on the work necessary to live an empowered life. 

"For the time we are together all you need to do is relax and know that you are loved."

In order to get the most from our time together, it is important that you approach these sessions with an open mind and an receptive heart.

"Be willing to do the work. Be willing to step into your power. Be willing to heal." 

  • Sessions can be done in person or remotely (Skype, FaceTime, phone)
  • I offer a sliding scale to accommodate all budgets. If money is tight, we can always work something out, but you have to be willing to ask. We can find ourselves in tough spots, don't let your finances limit you. I'm always willing to work with anyone, we can find a way. Just contact me and we'll go from there. 
  • You are welcomed (and encouraged) to record our session together. I offer a recording for in-person sessions only. If you bring a flash drive to our session I can upload it for you immediately, otherwise it may take up to 48hrs to receive your recording. 

Some of the tools we may use during our time together, you can also have sessions that are specifically geared towards emotional and physical healing:

Perceptive Awareness Technique

As a graduate of the Perceptive Awareness Technique I am able to to access my intuitive with clarity and accuracy.  This allows us to gain clarity and direction on the issues that are presenting themselves.  

Soma Pi Healing

Soma Pi is a powerful and effective healing technique that combines prayer, touch, sound, and energy. It is a proven and effective healing method that promotes repaid healing on the emotional, physical and spiritual level. Soma Pi is Greek for "body encircled by light".  Sessions can last anywhere from 30min - 60min depending on your needs. During your session I also receive intuitive guidance pertinent to your situation, and will offer this to you after our session. 

Sessions can also be performed in person or remotely.


Reiki is a hands on energy healing modality that facilitates healing on the energetic, physical, spiritual, and emotional levels of the body. One of the way I like describing a Reiki session is that it is a "massage for your soul". Sessions are relaxing and allow you to open to deeper levels of personal healing, removal of energetic blockages, and alignment of your chakras. Sessions rage from 15 min- 90min depending on your needs. During a session I also receive intuitive guidance pertinent to your situate, and will offer this to you after our session. 

Sessions can be performed in person or remotely.

Session Cost is for Intuitive Healing and Life Integration Sessions:

Session Cost:

45min: $70.00

60min: $100.00

75min: $125.00​

90min: $145.00

Email Session, Written and delivered as a PDF within 24 hours: $25.00

​If you are unable to pay, or want to discuss payment options, no one is turned away.  We can always find a way to get you the guidance and assistance you need. 

**One on one yoga and personal fitness sessions coming soon!

***Remote session: $30.00 (includes a 15min phone follow up, or an email report of intuitive findings.

*** All sessions must be paid for 24 hours prior to scheduled time. Sessions are not considered booked until payments have been posted and cleared, unless other payment arrangements made.