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  • All sessions must be paid for prior to session start unless other arrangements have been made. Sessions are not considered booked unless payment has been received. Clients are given my number to call, or Skype address prior to our session. Clients are responsible for calling at their scheduled time. 
  • Sessions are not considered booked unless payment has been received unless a payment arrangement has been set up ahead of time. 
  • No refunds are offered on any consultations, spiritual services or products.
  • A 10% processing fee will be deducted from any refunds issued through PayPal. 
  • Life happens. Sometimes sessions need to be rescheduled. I'm always willing to work with you within reason and with advanced notice. 
  • Occasionally I might need to reschedule an session due to last minute schedule conflicts. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience. 
  • Come prepared for your session. It is your responsibility to call at our appointed time. No refunds are issued for missed appointments. 
  • You are allowed and encouraged to record your sessions. Michael offers recordings of QHHT sessions and in person Integration work. If you'd like an immediate copy of your in person session or QHHT session it is advisable to bring a flash drive with you to your appointment. Otherwise you will receive your recording within 24-72 hours via email. You are responsible for downloading your session when it arrives. 

Intuitive Coaching Sessions
What would it feel like if for a moment you could let go, and love yourself unconditionally?

 What would change if you could awaken to the beauty of your life, even in the struggle?

What if you could awaken to your natural gifts? Ones that will ground, expand you, and move you forward into your life?

My goal is to help you move into a deeper and more profound relationship with your life. Life moves quickly, the ebbs and flows can often toss us off balance.  Sessions are about brining your disconnected pieces back to center. To help you find balance, peace and self-love. We all struggle. Finding the path through the struggle is where we often get lost.

As your intuitive coach, we will walk together through the shadows. I use a variety of tools to help you ground and center, contract and expand. My goal is to help you find that place of unconditional love within you, even if you struggle to see it yourself.  Every session is grounded in both healing and information. 

  • Each session is personalized to your needs, and grounded in personal healing.
  • We begin each session with a brief discussion on what you'd like to focus our time on, and a quick grounding exercise.  
  • Sessions are grounded in both meditation and reflective intuitive conversation.
  • Sessions are grounded in teaching you to use your innate gifts. 
  • Sessions are grounded in love and compassion. No topic is off limits, and the goal is to help you move into a deeper relationship with yourself. My goal is to also give you tools to help you move through the challenges and the joys that are coming up. 
  • Sessions are private and confidential
  • Sliding scale pricing is available to help accommodate all income levels, if you still can't afford the cost, reach out and we can discuss options.
  • Full Sessions typically last between 60-90min: $100-$120.00

Small Group Intuitive Coaching Sessions

Much like the one-on-one sessions, this is a great opportunity to gain insight and clarity into our lives, it helps to bring together community. These sessions start with a grounding and centering exercise. We will then do an exercise to harmonize and bring the group into union. Sessions are much like guided meditations, and include reflective intuitive conversation. 

Sessions can be used to harmonize groups, fitness teams, business partnerships and workplace. These sessions can help sync up and bring together groups so that organizations and relationships can be more connected and dynamic.

Contact me for small group pricing.  Online and In-Person options are available.

​Intuitive Healing Sessions

Sessions are grounded in love and connection. The best description for an energy healing session is "massage for your soul". Energy healing impacts you on multiple levels: spiritual, emotional, and physical.  Sessions can be done in person or remotely. Energy healing is rapid and effective for brining balance and harmony to your body and to your life. I've been able to witness some amazing and powerful things through both Reiki and Soma Pi, and both are offered depending on your needs.

Session cost: 

Sessions typically last 45-60min: $65-80.00